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    TV Show.

    Pip And Posy

    3D Senior Animator
    Media: 3D

    Pip and Posy, a mouse and a rabbit whose lives revolve around a wonderful world of play! Packed with warmth and humour, the series is a joyful celebration of their great friendship, its laughter and games, its ups and downs.

    TV Show.

    Ninja Express

    Mid Level Animator
    Media: 3D

    Imagine a delivery service that delivers anything, anywhere and anytime. A delivery service that’s not restricted by the limitations of time and space. And to top things off, imagine it being run by three little Ninjas with incredible powers!

    Short film.

    Zog And The Flying Doctors

    Mid level Animator
    Media: 3D

    Zog and Gadabout try to rescue Princess Pearl, who has been locked up in her father's castle. Based on the book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

    TV Show

    Remy And Boo

    Lead Animator
    Media: 3D

    Remy & Boo explores the unique friendship between an adventurous six-year-old girl and her unique best friend Boo, a big, squishy, pink robot. Fueled by Remy’s indomitable spirit and Boo’s can-do attitude, their days in Dolphin Bay are filled with new adventures, both big and small, powered by their two incredible imaginations.

    Youtube Red Show.


    Junior Animator
    Media: 3D

    All her life, teen-hacker Robin of Sherwood thought she was an orphan. But when a mysterious Gauntlet unlocks a secret that turns her world upside down, Robin joins forces with a group of renegades who teach her the true value of love, loyalty, and sacrifice.

    Short Film

    The Overcoat

    Intern Animator
    Media: 3D


    A short film based on the story by Nikolai Gogol about an office worker who saves up all his money to try and buy a coat in time for winter, only for fate to take a ghostly hand.

    Written by Hugh O'Conor
    Directed by Sean Mullen and Meelis Arulepp
    Produced by Jonathan Clarke and Kristel Toldsepp



    Animator/Layout Artist/Generalist
    Media: Mix 2D/3D


    Alex, a young woman bored with modern life, is lured by Bacchus into a colorful and mysterious world to explore her deepest desires.


    Quest of the Guardian

    Animator/Character Design
    Media: 3D
    Engine: Unity

    The DADIU program is a specialisation and educates future game development in different fields of computer- and video game. The students participating in DADIU comes from different universities and art schools in Denmark but are taught in a joint curriculum. During the program students are divided into six teams which function as six real game studios.
    The last six weeks of DADIU, the so-called Graduation Game Production , Is where the teams produce their final game.

    Game Project

    Dog petting Simulator

    Co-Developer, design, modelling, animation, skinning and particle effects in Unity.
    Media: 3D
    Engine: Unity

    I and two other classmates had three weeks during school at The Animation Workshop to work/specialize in a self study and we decided to develop a game. We wanted to expand our knowledge in a variety of programs, modelling and as well as the gaming pipeline.

    ''The game is a first person indie game that emulates a highly realistic experience of the universal human dream: walking around a park all day and petting some playful pups''.

    Commercial Project.

    Jens' big day at the supermarket.

    Art Director/Animator
    Media: 3D

    For this assignment we had seventeen weeks to produce a commercial for the  Danish NGO ''Verdens Skove''.

    Short film.


    Media: Mix 2D/3D

    We were assigned a quote, mood/emotion, random element and style guide to help us create a base for our short-film, as well as a target audience which were children in the age group 4-6.

  • CV/Resume



    • 2021  3D Senior Animator  At Blue Zoo Animation on 
      Pip And Posy. 
    • 2020-21  3D Mid Level Animator  At Giant Animation on 
      Ninja Express.
    • 2020  3D Mid Level Animator  At Giant Animation on 
      Zog and the flying doctors.  
    • 2019-2020 3D Lead Animator At Giant Animation on Remy and Boo.
    • 2018   3D Junior Animator 
      At Giant Animation 
      On Sherwood
    • 2017   3D Animation Intern
        At Giant Animation on The Overcoat.  
    • 2017    Layout Artist/Animator
        On my Bachelor film, ''Bacchus'' (The Animation Workshop)
    • 2017    Clean-up Artist
        On the shortfilm
    • 2016    3D Animator
        On the video game, graduation project ''Quest of the Guardian'' (DADIU)
    • 2016    Co-Developer/Animator
        On the game ''Dog petting Simulator''
    • 2016    Clean-up Artist
        On  ''Saloonatics'' from the Youtube series Edd's World
    • 2016     Art director/Animator
        On the commercial ''Jens' big day at the supermarket'' for Danish NGO, Verdens Skove


    • 2016  
        DADIU, The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment
    • 2014-2018
        The Animation Workshop, Character Animation (bachelor)
    • 2011-2013
        Completed diploma (social studies program)
      Egedal Highschool 



    Area of interest/Skillset

    3D/2D animation
    Character design
    Story development
    Game development


    Autodesk Maya

    Autodesk 3ds Max
    Adobe Photoshop
    Clip Studio Paint

    Paint Tool Sai



  • Contact Information

    Greetings and welcome to my portfolio!
    My name is Kristine B. Larsen and i'm Senior Animator with a passion for character design and story



    Kristine Behrmann Larsen



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