• Showreels

    Character Animation

    Game Animation

    Showreel breakdown:
    Shot one: Self Study, Dog Petting Simulator: design, modelling, animation, skinning and particle effects in Unity.
    Shot two: Walk cycle: animation.
    Shot three: DADIU, Quest Of the Guardian: character design and animation.
    Shot four: DADIU, Competence project: Art Director, Co-Director, scripting and animation.
    Shot five: Horse walk: animation.
    Shot six: Self Study, Dog Petting Simulator: design, modelling, animation, skinning and particle effects in Unity.

    Shot seven: Horse gallop: animation.

  • Projects

    Short Film

    The Overcoat

    3D Animator
    Media: Mix Media 2D/3D


    A short film based on the story by Nikolai Gogol about an office worker who saves up all his money to try and buy a coat in time for winter, only for fate to take a ghostly hand.

    Written by Hugh O'Conor
    Directed by Sean Mullen and Meelis Arulepp
    Produced by Jonathan Clarke and Kristel Toldsepp



    Animator/Layout Artist/Generalist
    Media: Mix 2D/3D


    Alex, a young woman bored with modern life, is lured by Bacchus into a colorful and mysterious world to explore her deepest desires.


    Quest of the Guardian

    Animator/Character Design
    Media: 3D
    Engine: Unity

    The DADIU program is a specialisation and educates future game development in different fields of computer- and video game. The students participating in DADIU comes from different universities and art schools in Denmark but are taught in a joint curriculum. During the program students are divided into six teams which function as six real game studios.
    The last six weeks of DADIU, the so-called Graduation Game Production , Is where the teams produce their final game.

    Short Film


    Clean-up/colour artist
    Media: Mix 2D/3D

    Mannequins a short film directed by Jesse Zhang.

    Game Project

    Dog petting Simulator

    Co-Developer, design, modelling, animation, skinning and particle effects in Unity.
    Media: 3D
    Engine: Unity

    I and two other classmates had three weeks during school at The Animation Workshop to work/specialize in a self study and we decided to develop a game. We wanted to expand our knowledge in a variety of programs, modelling and as well as the gaming pipeline.

    ''The game is a first person indie game that emulates a highly realistic experience of the universal human dream: walking around a park all day and petting some playful pups''.

    Commercial Project.

    Jens' big day at the supermarket.

    Art Director/Animator
    Media: 3D

    For this assignment we had seventeen weeks to produce a commercial for the  Danish NGO ''Verdens Skove''.



    Clean-up/colour artist
    Media: 2D


    I did a smaller job outside of school for the Youtube Channel; Eddsworld.


    Short film.


    Media: Mix 2D/3D

    We were assigned a quote, mood/emotion, random element and style guide to help us create a base for our short-film, as well as a target audience which were children in the age group 4-6.

    Intro Project

    Weird Times

    Media: 2D

    The first group assignment we did at The Animation Workshop.

  • CV/Resume




    • Nov2019-2020 3D Lead Animator 
    • At Giant Animation
    • 2018     3D Junior Animator 
      At Giant Animation
    • 2017     3D Animation Intern
        At Giant Animation 
    • 2017    Layout Artist/Animator
        On my Bachelor film, ''Bacchus'' (The Animation Workshop)
    • 2017    Clean-up Artist
        On the shortfilm
    • 2016    3D Animator
        On the video game, graduation project ''Quest of the Guardian'' (DADIU)
    • 2016    Co-Developer/Animator
        On the game ''Dog petting Simulator''
    • 2016    Clean-up Artist
        On  ''Saloonatics'' from the Youtube series Edd's World
    • 2016     Art director/Animator
        On the commercial ''Jens' big day at the supermarket'' for Danish NGO, Verdens Skove


    • 2016  
        DADIU, The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment
    • 2014-2018
        The Animation Workshop, Character Animation (bachelor)
    • 2011-2013
        Completed diploma (social studies program)
      Egedal Highschool 



    Area of interest/Skillset

    3D/2D animation
    Character design
    Story development
    Game development
    Clean Up
    Simpel modeling in Maya


    Autodesk Maya

    Autodesk 3ds Max
    Adobe Photoshop
    Clip Studio Paint

    Paint Tool Sai



  • Contact Information

    Greetings and welcome to my portfolio!
    My name is Kristine B. Larsen and i'm an animator with a passion for character design and story/game development.


    Kristine Behrmann Larsen


    +45 24645095

    Personal blog
    SkypID: kristine.b.larsen


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    Feel free to message me and I will respond as soon as possible.